Startup lessons from our research trip in Malawi and Mozambique

This month, our update takes the form of a behind-the-scenes vlog from our month-long research trip in Malawi and Mozambique. The transitions are a little jerky and the sound is rather shaky. But, the tans are good and you’ve got to start somewhere, haven’t you? 😉

A few highlights from Malawi and Mozambique…

We’re currently fireside in Mozambique, which feels too good an opportunity to pass up for our first vlog. (Especially as next time we’ll be back in an office in London…)

This month, we’ve tried to practise what we preach. We’ve put down our laptops and headed off to Africa for a month of adventure and research in Malawi and Mozambique. Whilst over here, we’ve met some incredibly inspiring people running lodges and experiences, and heard their stories first hand. It’s been fantastic hearing what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.

During this trip, we’ve really broadened our knowledge of this part of Africa and all that there is on offer here. Malawi is an amazing first introduction to the continent. Firstly, it’s relatively small, so it’s easy to get around and the people are warm and friendly. There’s also beautiful coastline along the lake, fantastic hiking and wonderful local community life. In Mozambique, we’ve been driving our way up and hugging the coastline. Along the way, there are pristine archipelagos where you can go diving, wild rugged beaches for surfing and amazing wildlife reserves. Oh, and the seafood is phenomenal.

We can already laugh about some of our more challenging experiences here over the past month. There was the treatment for dehydration by some wonderful nurses in a Malawian hospital, and then having to be rescued when our 4×4 got stuck in the sand. But we know they’ll make the best stories when we get home and they’re good learning experiences to share with anybody else travelling here.

And back in London…

Back in London, we’ve now moved into a new workspace and feel excited to get cracking with our plans. Whilst we were away, our dreams and ambitions got a bit bigger. It’s amazing how stepping away from the day-to-day gets your brain whirring, and things that had been puzzling us have started to slot into place. We’ve also realised that it’s almost exactly a year since we decided to go full-time into the business. That feels exciting.

Take time out for a life adventure.

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Team Faraway x

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