12 reasons travel changes your life

As the saying goes, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Here are just twelve of the countless reasons why travel changes your life.

Things that are at risk of happening when you travel…

  1. You will find out you’re braver than you’d thought
  2. You’ll discover interests you didn’t know you had — or thought you’d left behind. (It turns out climbing trees is just as fun at 30!)
  3. You’ll build memories you can draw upon whenever you need a this-world-is-wonderful fix
  4. You’ll get a chance to truly, genuinely unplug (thank you, remote hideaways and roaming fees). And when you’ve done it once, you’ll want to do it again
  5. You’ll start thinking about what you actually want out of life — a question we don’t always ask ourselves when we’re in the throws of it
  6. You will feel a strange inclination to be outside more often, even once you get home
  7. You’ll have some new language skills to bring out on your next trip (¡Hola!)
  8. You’ll want to wear the same three outfits on rotation, forever more
  9. After 36 bumpy hours packed in on a bus / train / boat, you won’t complain about a slow train journey again. (Well, not for a month or two)
  10. You’ll be a little more forgiving when things don’t go to plan
  11. You’ll find yourself pausing to stare up at the stars more often
  12. You probably won’t spend quite as much time in the office as you did before…

Take time out for a life adventure.

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Photo Credit – Erin Ainsley Photography (a treasured travel friend) — http://erinainsley.com/

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