How and where to go on a month-long adventure in 2018

If you’d like to go on a month-long adventure this year, this will help you decide when and where to go.

This year, May is the month to go for in order to squeeze in almost a month of travel whilst taking as little time off work as possible. As this article in Stylist Magazine shows, the UK bank holidays fall very well this year. This means you can book fourteen days of annual leave and go on a three-and-a-half-week trip from 5th to 28th May.

Here’s a handy calendar to help you with your plans.

How to go on a 24 day adventure with only 14 days off work

Where to go on your month-long adventure in May

We’ve selected six countries that are perfect to visit at this time of the year. Choose your favourite and we can help you get there.

Go to Canada
springtime with lots of wildlife and flowers blooming
Go to Ecuador & Galapagos
warm weather and calm seas for exploring
Go to Indonesia
a great time for climbing mountains and boat expeditions
Go to Japan
late spring, great weather & not too busy
Go to Mozambique
one of the best times for exploring the coast
fab weather for hiking and outside the holidays

Take time out for a life adventure.

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