We create personalised escapes to a collection of far-flung and often under-the-radar destinations around the world. From Asia to Africa, Latin America to Australasia; we can help you explore somewhere you’ve always dreamed of, or guide you to discover somewhere you hadn’t even considered.Click the pins on the map to get a feel for what we love about each destination, and find out more info below.

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7 lakes in Bariloche, Argentina

Immerse yourself in vast, intense and varied Argentina, a country of extremes bursting to be explored. Ice trek across the glaciers of Patagonia, hike in the Andes or go whale-watching and penguin-spotting at the coast. For city lovers, soak up gaucho culture, incredible food and wine, and of course, tango the night away in Buenos Aires.

A fantastic option combined with Chile, Brazil or Uruguay. You can visit year round, and it suits many different budgets.

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Surfing in Australia

As vast as it is varied, Australia will keep anyone looking to escape busy. Outdoors adventures can sleep under the stars on Ayers rock, trek in Tasmania’s wilderness or glamp in the bush in New South Wales. Beach lovers are spoilt with the west coast’s 12,5000km of stunning shore, or take a few days to explore Melbourne and Sydney.

Big enough to do on it’s own, or combine with New Zealand if you have enough time. Visit from Oct – May, it is best for higher budgets, and is Zika free.


Caye Caulker in Belize

The small country with the Caribbean coastline tacked onto Guatemala (we recommend doing both together if you can) – Belize is awash with adventure. For divers, its barrier reef is second only to Australia, but you can also explore deep into the Mayan history and tropical jungles. A great choice for honeymooners, you’ll find luxe (and not cheap) lodges hidden away next to stunning beaches.

Brilliant combined with Guatemala. Visit from Jan – Jun, and it is best for higher budgets.


Safari in the Okavango Delta in Botswana

Explore stunning contrasts in the landscapes of beautiful Botswana, from the Kalahari Desert to the rich Okavango Delta which comes to life when it floods. It’s a top choice for wildlife lovers and it’s easy to see why, with the largest elephant population of any country and some of the best (and sometimes most expensive) safaris on the continent.

A fantastic option combined with South Africa. Visit from May – Oct, it’s best for those with big budgets, and is Zika free.

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Explore Rio with Faraway

Think of Brazil and it’s likely to be endless beaches, stylish, sexy cities, and samba. While you can definitely find that, don’t leave without venturing into the jungle or getting drenched by the mighty Iguazu Falls. Rio Carnival is bonkers but well worth doing once in your life! It’s a huge country, so we recommend choosing a zone to stick to, and don’t pack too much in.

Big enough to do on it’s own, or combine with Uruguay or Argentina if you have enough time. You can visit year roundand it suits many different budgets.


Man riding motorbike near Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia

Overshadowed until recently by its more explored neighbours, Cambodia has the buzz of somewhere on the cusp of being discovered. Vibrant cities, hiking trails into the mountains, and the temples of Angkor sit alongside the Killing Fields, stark reminders of a country still recovering from its turbulent past.

Combine with Thailand or Vietnam. Visit from Nov – Apr, and i​s great for smaller budgets.


Still lake in Torres del Paine, Chile

The deceptively thin country hides a stunning (and relatively unexplored) mix of South American adventures. Try whale watching on the Pacific coast, hike in the Patagonian Torres del Paine, or road trip around the lakes and into the Atacama Desert. Plus the capital Santiago boasts a dynamic food scene and some incredible wine too.

A fantastic option combined with Argentina or Peru. Visit from Sep – May, it suits many different budgets, and is Zika free.

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Colourful streets in Cartagena

Look beyond the cliches of the cartels and you’ll find a vibrant country packed with energy. Splash your way along the Caribbean coastline, hike into the verdant coffee and cacao plantations, adventure into the Amazon rainforest, and explore colourful, cobbled cities.

Perfect to explore own it’s own, or combine with Ecuador or a stop in Central America. Visit from Jul – Marand it suits many different budgets.


Costa Rica coastline

As serene as it is active, you’ll see instantly why ‘pura vida’ is Costa Rica’s motto. Embrace the outdoors adventures with white-water rafting, hiking in the cloud forests and diving off the Caribbean coast. Beyond this, it’s wonderfully peaceful and a great destination for wildlife lovers – it’s one of the best places to see sloths in the wild!

A great option combined with Nicaragua or Panama. Visit from Dec – Jun, and is best for those with higher budgets.


Side streets in Havana Cuba

Vintage cars, eclectic buildings, and lacking some basic travel essentials – Cuba is as unique as you’d expect, and more. Take a step back in time to an island where you will still find a very traditional way of life both in Havana and beyond. Beyond the capital, experience horseback riding through tobacco plantations, hike into the Sierra Maestra mountains, or travel east to the small, hidden coastal city of Barcoa.

Big enough to do on it’s own. Visit from Nov – May, and is great for smaller budgets.

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Green sea turtle in the Galapagos

Come for the Galapagos Islands but stay for a country with much more to offer. Wildlife lovers can follow in Darwin’s footsteps and see species and natural life like nowhere else on earth. On the mainland, hike into the cloud forests and volcanoes of Cotopaxi, trek into the Amazonian rainforest and immerse yourself in Andean culture and artisan markets.

Fantastic own it’s own, or combine with Colombia. Can be visited year roundand is best for those with higher budgets.


Faraway group escape to Guatemala in May 2019

Rich in Mayan history, ancient culture and hidden cities, Guatemala is an unexplored gem packed with everything you might want for a Central American escape. Hike volcanoes and trek into rainforests, or learn Spanish in former capital Antigua – it’s a varied, and more affordable, introduction to the region, especially if combined with neighbouring Belize.

Perfect when combined with Belize. Visit from Nov – Jun, and is great for mid-range budgets.


Rice paddies in Indonesia

Island hopping comes into its own when you have 17,000 to pick from. The myriad of choices you’re left with means you can create an experience as wildly diverse as you’d like. Pick and mix from the temples and history in Java, orangutans in Kalimantan, the pristine beaches of Bali, and a lot more besides.

Big enough to do on it’s own. Visit from Apr – Oct, and is perfect for most budgets.

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Torii gate in Hakone

Old meets new, ancient temples alongside robot-serving sushi restaurants, – Japan is a world of contrasts with a lot you probably expect, and then some. Explore outside the cities and you’ll find ski resorts in winter and tropical islands in the summer. 

Fantastic own it’s own, or combine with Indonesia. Can be visited year round, is best for those with higher budgets, and is Zika free.


Red ruffed Lemur in Madagascar

There’s little in the way of luxury and tourism in Madagascar; but the outdoor adventures and wildlife encounters more than make up for it. Here on this enormous island, you’ll find lemurs and other species in their only natural habitat on Earth, as well as an immense coastline and barrier reefs. Patience and a sense of adventure required.

Perfect when combined with South Africa. Visit from Jul – Dec, is great for smaller budgets, and is Zika free.


Sunset on Mumbo island in Malawi

It’s quite possible you’ve never heard of Malawi; that’s one of the things that makes it magical. It’s untouched, unpolished, unplugged and far from most tourists’ radar. Venture there and you’ll be wowed by the friendliest locals you could hope to meet, rugged landscapes, and beautiful Lake Malawi.

A fantastic option combined with South Africa or ZambiaVisit from May – Oct, is perfect for a range of budgets, and is Zika free.

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White sand beaches in Tulum

A melting pot of vibrant, buzzing culture and relaxed, hippy beach towns, Mexico offers a incredible mix of diverse experiences. Hike to the Mayan ruins on the Yucatan peninsula, see some world’s best marine wildlife in Baja, or watch the sunset at a yoga retreat in Oaxaca. Eat and drink your way around capital Mexico City, and then explore its inimitable arts scene.

Big enough to do on it’s own. Visit Nov – May, and suits a range of budgets.


Quirimbas Archipelago - Mozambique

With some of the most incredible coastlines (and seafood!) on the continent, Mozambique is the intrepid beach-and-adventure destination you might not have thought of. Famed for its big sealife, including the elusive whale shark, you’ll have nearly 3,000km of coasts, islands, and wilderness to explore.

Perfect when combined with South Africa. Visit from May – Nov, is best for higher budgets, and is Zika free.


Dune exploring at Shipwreck Lodge on the Skeleton coast

With vast sandscapes and untouched scenery, it’s easy to lose yourself in Namibia’s immense landscape. The magnificent deserts and dunes aren’t the only reason to visit, though. Protected night skies make it a must-see for star gazers and abundant game-viewing around Etosha’s waterholes make it a popular safari destination too.

A fantastic option combined with South AfricaVisit from Apr – Oct, is perfect for a range of budgets, and is Zika free.

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Outdoor adventures in the mountains in New Zealand

Catapult yourself to the other side of the globe and you’ll find landscapes as other-worldly and varied as you can imagine, whether you want adrenaline-packed adventures or some slower-paced exploring. Kayak and camp in the Abel Tasman National Park, heli-hike on Fox Glacier, horse-ride across deserted beaches, or slow down and spend a day wine-tasting at a vineyard.

Big enough to do on it’s own, or combine with Australia if you have time. Can be visited year round, it is best for those with higher budgets, and is Zika free.


Sunset on the beach in Playa Maderas, Nicaragua

One of the more affordable Central America destinations, Nicaragua brings together culture, outdoors adventures and a beautifully varied coastline. Explore its cloud forests, vibrant wildlife, tropical beaches on the Caribbean coast, or explore the Momotombo volcano. It’s also a new destination on many wellness wishlists, especially for yogis who love its retreats and healthy, delicious food, and surfers who flock to the west coast.

A great option combined with Costa Rica or Guatemala. Visit from Nov – May, and is perfect for most budgets.


Philippines sunset

Island adventures await in the turquoise seas and pristine beaches of the Philippines. Find some of the best diving and surfing conditions in south east Asia, or sail out to explore vast archipelagos. On dry land, there’s more still to discover with lush jungles, mountain hikes, Bohol’s chocolate hills and tarsier monkeys.

Big enough to explore on it’s own. Visit from Dec – Apr, and is perfect for smaller budgets.

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Chapman's Peak drive in Cape Town

The perfect choice for (almost) unlimited variety; take your pick from an incredible coastline spanning two very different oceans, more winelands than it’s possible to visit, and incredible wildlife across its deserts and lush mountains. For city lovers, Cape Town is equally packed full of diversity and culture to immerse yourself in.

Fantastic on it’s own, or combine with any destination in Southern Africa. Can be visited year round, it suits a range of budgets, and is Zika free.


Stilt fisherman at Mirissa beach in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s popularity comes as no surprise to those who’ve been. The list of what to explore on this beautiful tropical island just south of India is (almost) endless; lush rainforest, abundant wildlife, beaches for miles, temples and tea. Expect flavoursome local dishes and some beautiful places to stay, too.

A great option combined with India. Visit from Jan – Sep, is good for most budgets, and is Zika free.


Baby elephants in Tanzania

One of the best options if you want to take the plunge with an African escape and don’t know where to start. Experience the pristine beaches of Zanzibar and a safari scene that’s one of the most established, alongside hikes into the national parks and conquering Kilimanjaro.

A perfect safari and beach combination, but if you have time add on South Africa too. Visit from Jul – Dec, and it suits a range of budgets.

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Thai longboats resting in Koh Phi Phi

There’s still plenty to discover in a country which has in some ways been a victim of its own success. Experience tropical beaches, a diving paradise, lush jungle and national parks away from the heavily-trodden tourist trails. Thailand is ripe for rediscovery.

An amazing option combined with Vietnam or Cambodia. Visit from Nov – Jun, and it’s great for a range of budgets.


Chimpanzees in Uganda

Quite a different experience to most of the rest of the continent, in Uganda’s lush green rainforests you can see gorillas and chimpanzees in the wild, and it feels like spring all year round. You’ll find even more for the outdoors adventure-lover, hiking into the Rwenzori mountains or a more traditional big five safari.

A great option combined with Rwanda. Best visited from Jun – Feb, and is ideal for those with reasonable budgets.


The Lighthouse at Cabo Polonia in Uruguay

Wedged between its much larger (and more visited) neighbours, Uruguay is an often-overlooked jewel when it comes to South American adventures. Here you’ll find windswept Atlantic beaches, gauchos on horseback, country roads all to yourselves, and some of the continent’s finest steak. (There are more cattle here than people!)

A perfect option combined with Brazil or ArgentinaVisit from Oct – Feb, it’s great for smaller budgets, and is Zika free.

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Glittering lanterns at the night markets in Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Whether you stick to the popular trails of Hoi An and Ha Long Bay, or escape the crowds with a hike deep into the lush countryside, there’s a reason Vietnam has gained a reputation as a must-see destination. Postcard-perfect beaches and delicious food make it unmissable. 

An amazing option combined with Thailand or Cambodia. Visit from Nov – Jun, and it’s great for a range of budgets.


Stunning sunset in South Luangwa National Park in Zambia

Alongside the river plains of the Zambezi and the stunning Victoria Falls, Zambia’s national parks and safaris are still unexplored. Looking for a new way to see buffaloes, elephants, zebras and more? Set out on foot on a walking safari; Zambia’s are some of the best on the continent.

Works really well combined with South Africa or Malawi. Best visited from Jun – Dec, is ideal for those with reasonable budgets, and is Zika free.